Yet Another World's Largest Dungeon Crawl

Politics for a tree and death by dragon

Game: 18/03/2014
Time: 5:45pm to 11:30pm
Place: SteKanAda’s place

The party having recently left the domain of Demons, Devils, and Angels headed East to start their journey out of the dungeon now that they had a way out. Here they entered an area as bright as the sun, with real sunlight seeming to shine down upon them from a massive pillar made of light in the center of the region. They crossed the lake of Larva, and headed over to explore the massive ridge of obsidian that lay before them first.

Their new member Maz they found to be quite sneak, so he was sent ahead to scout out each of the valleys cut into the ridge. In the first he found a war zone of different chemicals and traps, as well as a massive mechanical jaw. He invited the others in, and they were able to avoid the traps with his help, and they found a few academical supplies. They decided to follow the ridge north, and in the next few valleys weren’t able to find much, bar some obsidian arrows lodged into the bones of some sort of humanoid creature.

As they headed north along the ridge the light got more blinding for them as less and less of it was covered. Eventually they managed to make out 3 pillars of stone in the distance, and from one of them a few arrows came flying, as well as a magically enhanced voice to cover the distance telling them to return to whence they came. Cal and Maz put down their weapons, and attempted to approach again with arms out stretched. They made it to the center of the 3 towers before a contingent of Elvish warriors came out to meet them all dressed in matching uniform. The uniform was fine amour, with an emerald green tabard over the top, and a matching cloak clasped at the front by a bronze tree. Except for the Lieutenant which had a silver tree clasp. About 9 more elves remained up in the tower ready to fire down upon the two if they tried anything.

The Lieutenant demanded to know who they were and what they were doing there. Cal explained with Maz jutting in with a remark every few seconds. They tried to convince the Lieutenant that they were there with peaceful intentions, but they failed to do so, and were warned that unless they turned around and left then the guards would have no choice but to force them to leave. The two headed back to the others, and the group decided that they would try to sneak around the other side of the ridge.

As they made their way to the South East end of the ridge they spotted a few other towers, but before attempting to approach these ones they found another valley cutting into the ridge. As Maz attempted to sneak inside he set off a proximity alarm spell, and while running out was chased by a Elvish Wizard wielding a staff of some sort and threatening to fry him if he didn’t stop. He made it back to the group who all raised their hands at the threats from the wizard, who started questioning them about why they were there. While they were explaining it all another group of Elvish soldiers joined the Wizard from the nearby towers, leaving the party heavily outnumbered.

The party though were able to explain their peaceful intentions, and the wizard was a lot more accepting of them then the guards were. He introduced himself as Master Mirroreyes, one of the council of 7 for this region. He said he had no problem with them staying, but that they’ll have to be processed by the guards first, so they were taken to the nearby command post to meet the 2nd in command of the armed forces.

At the command post the party was introduced to <2nd>, and she greeted them fairly. She questioned them, especially about their dealings with the demons to the West, and then sent a letter off to her Commander once she felt they were no danger to the region. They spent the night there in spare bunk beds, but used the chance to question the sub-commander and the other soldiers about the region.

The party found out that this region was set up to guard a sacred celestial tree, said to be older than anything currently living on the planet. It used to guard the grounds above the dungeon, but then the roof caved in, and it fell down deep into the dungeon. The tree survived, so the Elves not wishing to lose such a valuable living tree found a way to pierce the dungeon’s defenses through the roof and mark themselves so they can leave again, then they ask for help from their allies the Dwarves and build these keeps to protect the tree.

The region is lead by a council of 7. The first is a powerful Elvish Druid that has been here since the start, and is very protective of the tree, and also doesn’t like any outsiders. The 2nd is the Commander, and Asimar Paladin who leads the troops. The 3rd is the Mage they had already met beforehand. The 4th is leader of the local Dwarves, a very practical engineer. The 5th members is a Lammasu who has also been here since the start, and spends its time guarding the flying mounts of the Elves. The 6th members is a Celestial Naga, who spends its time secluded in the caverns of the fortress. The final member is the celestial tree itself, but it has not spoken in a very long time to anyone, and the few times it has previously spoken it has always been a prophesy about upcoming danger.

After the nights rest the Commander Lightbringer arrived early in the morning to meet the party. He had further questioning for them, even more so about the situation to the West. He was quite pleased about finding out that several Demon generals were dead, and that the Solar was now awake to lead attacks on them. He thanked the party for their great service, and granted them permissions to remain in the region as long as they liked, but that it would only be at the command post. He said he’ll speak to the other Councillors about having them gain access to elsewhere, and about letting them trade with each other. In the meantime it might be best if they speak to the Lammasu themselves, as they are more likely to gain his trust themselves.

They were escorted over to its cavern, where they entered a cave full of some of the best carvings they had ever before laid eyes upon. Inside they met the Lammasu itself, which greeted them while working on a granite statue in its paws. It listed to their story, and agreed that they could remain. It said it could even grant access to head north, but that it did not advise they do so as the lake they would have to cross is filled with terrible monsters they would pull them under unless they had a means with which to breath underwater. Instead it asked they help out around here and find out what was killing Elvish patrols, and something else darker in the fortress that was slowly making everyone turn upon one another. Finally it suggested they go visit the Naga, a friend of its, and ask it for permission to stay, as with its vote they would be quite close to being allowed to stay and trade as long as they require.

They were given temporary permission to be escorted through the fortress, where they passed by several patrols, the mess hall, the training hall, and finally through the quartermasters office before heading to the caves in the back. The quartermaster himself was an Elf missing his right arm, but still seemed a pleasant fellow, even if he only waved as they walked passed and wished them luck. The party asked why and the quartermaster said that the Naga was a friend of his, and used to be quite jovial and liked to play pranks, but lately seemed to be depressed and keeping to itself.

The entered the caves, noticing that the place was a mess and nothing was sorted out. The furniture, not designed for humanoid use, didn’t look like it had been cleared for a while. From behind one the Celestial Naga emerged and demanded to know what they were doing here. They told it they were sent by the Lammau, and it seemed to accept it. They explained why they were there, and that they wanted to stay and trade for a while. The party then offered its services if it would help, and at first the Naga said no, but then it changed its mind and said that it could help by clearing out the Hags to the North West that would occasionally attack the region. The party agreed, and after another nights rest headed off to confront the hags.

The left to the North, under escort to the borders of course, and then passed by the large lake to head West. Here they encountered two Hell Hounds that had headed up from the region south to find a snake. They seemed to be most of the way through a Mereman, but the party made short work of them. They party continued along the shoreline until the encountered a large pile of refuse on the beach. Searching through it they found several dead bodies, until they eventually found a Lizardman pined under the pile.

They cleared off enough of the pile to get him out, and he thanked them for saving him. He explained that he had been grabbed by a large Water Spider while he had come out for a drink, and it had left him there to die and decompose before it would return to eat him. He didn’t know where it was now, but suggested they get out of there before it returned. The party agreed and followed the lizard man to where the rest of his tribe was located. They thanked the party for returning one of their clan safely, and explained that they were hiding in the tunnels because a Green Dragon had driven them from their home among the marsh to the north. The party explained they were here for the Hags, and the lizardmen looked disapointed, but explained the best way to get to the Hags without encountering the Dragon.

The party thanked them, but then explained that they were also going to go take care of the Dragon. The Lizardmen thanked them, and explained how to get there, but that they would have to fight some marrow on the way. The party happily did so, and it didn’t take them long to do so. They also rescued some aquatic Elves from the Marrow who thanked them, but explained they’d have to rest for a while before they could leave. The party then deviated from where they were told to go and explored another door they found, which lead to a corridor filled doors, obviously leading to cells.

The party checked out the cells, and found them to mostly be empty. Except for one which had a force wall on the outside that only seemed to stop water at first. Serendipity decided to explore past it, and once inside found the wall became a lot more dense and that water was pouring down from the ceiling. He tried to shape a hole over to the prison next to this one, but it was an ice chamber, and the water quickly started freezing over. This time he re-shaped the roof to close all the holes over, triggering the next stage of the trap which snap froze the entire room, trapping him frozen in the ice. The rest of the party decided to get him out of there by giving him resistance to fire, and then fireballing the room a few times until the ice was mostly gone. In another chamber they found a bunch of magic daggers that seemed to have been pinning something to the wall before it tore its way free. The party kept them all, as some of the materials were quite useful, while others had things like holy or lawful enchantments on them. In the room at the end of the corridor they found a resting chamber with a magically painted beach on the wall, complete with a shining moon the moves slowly across the sky. They found a secret door here which linked through to beach area they had already explored, so they headed back.

Once out the other door they quickly found themselves back in the large cavern, where they knew they’d find the Dragon somewhere to the North in the marsh. Maz volunteered to go and check it out, and attempted to quietly swim out into the marsh. However he set off a trap the dragon had left to alert him if anyone came that way, and as the steam vent went off the dragon took flight. Maz cast some spells to prepare for the combat, and so did everyone else.

The dragon came in low and hit the party with its acid breath, hurting all of the party. Terris responded by binding its wings so it couldn’t fly, forcing it down into the marsh in front of Maz. Maz proceeded to attack it, while the rest of the party did what they could from a distance, unable to swim themselves. The dragon attacked Maz, injuring him a lot, forcing the Gnome to retreat to the party where he was healed. The dragon then leaped through the air, attempting to pin a large part of the party, but only Turag was unable to get out of the way and was pined. The dragon then proceeded to attack Maz again, but with Maz and the rest of the party attacking him back he found himself quickly being overwhelmed. He retreated back badly hurt and left off another acid breath. The breath managed to kill Turag through damage alone, and Terris fell to massive damage. Maz on almost no health chased the dragon and gave it all he had to land another blow with the Dragonbane dagger they had picked up against the black dragon.

Maz landed the final blow, killing the dragon in the shallow end of the Marsh. Before the surviving members of the party had time to recover though they heard a crackle of laughter, and saw far off in the distance some Hags starting to approach them, drawn out by the dragons death and hoping to finish off the now weak party.

Will the remaining members survive? Will they be able to revive their fallen comrades? Can they find a way to defeat the hags? Will the Naga then vote to let them remain and trade with the Elves?

I guess we’ll all find out in two weeks.


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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