Yet Another World's Largest Dungeon Crawl

Deals with a Demon, on behalf on an Angel

Game: 4/02/2014
Start Time: 7:15pm
Finish Time: 10:25pm
Players: Adam, Kane, Michael, Jim

Quick summary: Party makes deal with Celestial Couatl to return with Sacred Flame. They trick demon into getting it off him without a fight. They returned it which took over powering the defenses, allowing a Solar to awaken and ‘reward’ the evil party.

At the end of our last party were licking their wounds after a fight with a Basilisk, and were hanging out on this small ledge of land they had found near the larva. While here they found a secret door that opened up onto a chamber of light containing two thrones. One empty, and another with a Solar that seemed to be concentrating on something. They then were met by a Celestial Couatl that demanded they leave. They asked if they might bargain with it for information on how to leave, it said that if they returned with the Sacred Flame then it’s master would be able to assist them. The party agreed, and after being told the flame could be found to the Eastern caves they went off that way.

There they explored off from their previous crossroads they found and came across a room filled with spiderwebs. They ‘knew’ it was a trap and took every precaution. After lots of effort to make it through safely, and checking for traps and such, they were quite surprised to make it through un-accosted. Here they found a short corridor that had two doors at the end. They found one to be locked and trapped, so they opened the door to the left. Inside they found two women who had been badly beaten up asking if they were here to rescue them. Most of the party fell for their lies, but Archavold had heard that there were Succubi nearby and cast dispell magic on one of them. Once their illusions had dropped they launched into attack on the party, but the party made short work of one of them so the other turned ethereal and ran away. They found a key under one of the pillows in the Succubi room and opened the other room to find it completely barren of anything of use.

They then returned to the crossroads and went down the last remaining path they had not explored. This lead them to another chamber that was dark, but contained the Demon Lord Gleshebyyyy on his throne with a few servants. The party decided to speak to him, and he was most willing to hear them out, in fact he had many questions about them, and the world from where they came. Once they had sated his curiosity they started to discuss why there were there. They insisted that they worked for another Demon Lord who had sent them to collect the Sacred flame in order to use against the barrier in the inner chamber. Lord Gleshebyyyy could tell they were lying, but knew the party which contained two wererats could be of use. He told them that if they killed the helpless Solar, then he would hand over the Sacred Flame. The party agreed and left.

Now as a GM I was fully expecting them to do just that and side with evil, but to my surprise they came up with a plan to trick the Demon instead. Using the Angel head they had retrieved from the fallen Angel they killed earlier, they used spells to freshen it up and sculpt it to look like the Solar. They then presented it to the Demon, who had a very large chance to recognise it as a fake, but against all odds rolled a 1. Seeing no harm that could happen now with the Solar dead he handed over the Sacred Flame, but not before offering them other treasure and even a wish if they would prefer something else instead. They went with the Sacred Flame.

They returned with the Sacred flame and with the Couatl’s directions they returned it to the correct position to empower the defenses of the section. As it did so other Angels flocked to the chamber just in time to see the Solar awaken from his meditation. He arose and shared thoughts with the Couatl in order to be brought up to speed on all that had passed since he started powering the defenses himself thousands of years ago.

He then turned to address the party and thank them. However given what they looked like he cast greater dispell magic so he might remove any protection they had, and then sense how evil they were. He found out one of the party was soul bound to a Demon lord and the other two were indeed cursed Wererats. He offered Archavold the chance to atone and give up with oath to a Demon Lord, but Archavold refused and attempted to run. The Solar struck him down with a Holy Word. He then turned his attention on the Wererats and dismissed their curses, returning them to their true selves. He offered atonement to Turag the Orc, but the Orc refused, as he wasn’t also soul bound the Solar spared him due to his services.

The Solar then rewarded the party. I had it hand out roughly 140,000gp worth of gear or bonuses to the party. Most of them went for stat bonuses that it could grant thanks to the Solar having Wish at will. Some got given powerful weapons and armour. Turag came out the worst with only some minor weapon and equipment upgrades. However I then had the Solar boost his Wisdom to 10, so that he might be wise enough to realize the path to redemption on his own one day.

The party then asked about a way out, and the Solar informed them that there was an exit to the dungeon to the far North East. It wrote them a letter of mark that would allow them to be let out by the Titan that guarded that exit. The party decided to then head to the East before they would then head North to make their escape.


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