Yet Another World's Largest Dungeon Crawl

A very long but simplified catchup

To put it simply we’ve been playing along every fortnight, with breaks only tending to happen over the two Christmas periods since the last update. We’re quite slack about updates, but I would like to get into the habit of them more often, both for this game and other games I run.

This update is a condensed, highly condensed, tale of their journey through the last of section A of the dungeon at level 1, though to them reaching section G and making it to level 10.

Due to the length of this update, I will be saving it, and coming back to it, so I apologise if you come along and this only seems half complete. Also if it’s missing anything because I will be running off memory, with some stuff almost 2 years old. Likely to mean I start off with few details, and get more detailed as we get closer to the latest game.

So, let us begin. The end of Section A:
The party continued to clear out section after section. Turag remained a cowered, but did end up saving the party at one stage by pouring a potion down an unconscious Archivold’s throat, who promptly woke up and helped kill a Fendish Dire Wolf.
Things got interesting with the fight against Longtail. He was quite a powerful Sorcerer, at least compared to the party. However there was enough members in the party that they were able to just manage getting by soaking all of the spells they through at him. They weren’t in a good position, but running low of spells left Longtail worse off. He tried to escape by flying away, but Archavold was able to surprise him from invisibility and score a critical to finish him off. Then to everyone’s surprise Parker decided he wanted to become a Wererat so ate some of Longtails flesh.
That night happened to be a full moon and he turned, by random chance it also happened to be while he was on watch. With the rest of the party asleep he quickly managed to turn most of the remaining party members into Wererats as well, but Archavold woke up in time to get away. After they agreed that they kind of liked being Wererats the party decided to stick with it, but Archavold refused to be turned, and just had to dodge the occasional attempt by Parker to convert him.

Section B:
The party came into the back end of a barracks, filled with trained Goblin troops. They quickly decided to negotiate instead of fighting, and were taken to see the Goblin Emperor. There they presented their case of just wanting to find a way out, and that they didn’t want to fight. The Emperor said he could show them a way that would lead out if they would help deal with the filthy Goblin rebels. The party agreed.
That night Grimnar fled (the player wasn’t able to make it any longer), but the Emperor had another person in his prison that agreed to help the party in exchange for his freedom. So the party welcomed Cal, the Fighter/Cleric to their group. He refused to be turned into a Wererat.
The party set off into the maze that guarded the boarder between the Empire and the Rebels. They feel for many traps before a random Empire patrol was able to point them in the correct direction. They still were hit by a few more traps, but eventually they made it. They found the Rebels! and instead of fighting them, they immediately negotiated with them. They were informed that the Emperor was lying about a way out, and would likely try to kill them if they returned weakened from fighting the rebels. The party instead agreed to help the rebels, but only in dealing with the Bugbear problem instead of fighting the Empire as well. The rebels blindfolded them and showed them to an alternative way out through the maze.
The party then ended up near some catacombs, which they broke into and had to fight off some undead. They realized what they were getting from each catacomb wasn’t worth the effort breaking into them, nor what they had to fight off. They then headed North.
Here they encountered some Bugbears, which they promptly slaughtered without negotiations. Archavold broke into a room, touched a wall hanging to check behind it, and found himself bound in a cursed +2 Ghost Touch Breastplate that he couldn’t take off. He liked the extra protection, but the spell mischance screwed him over many times for over a year worth of sessions.
They continued to find Bugbears and kill them in a section, as well as set off a few more interesting traps that also lost them access to a private diary that would have explained a lot about this section.
They then headed a bit further North and looped over to the East, even finding a map of the section at one point. They used this to quickly navigate around, and head to what looked to have the most promise in the section, a large round room. Here they were set upon by a bunch of undead Blackguards, but after a close shave the party managed to kill them all. Continuing to explore the area they came across a helpless Kobold by himself, the party quickly adopted him, and found out more about the Goblin war. They decided they liked the Rebels more, and then set off to cover the entire section again, so they could come and attack the Goblin Emperor from the rear.
Heading back to section A they then headed up the path that went right in behind the Emperor’s chambers. The doors were locked quite securely, but the group took their time and made their way through. Eventually they managed to make it to the Emperor’s bedroom. Here they looted his gear, and then Serendipity cast a spell to remove the wall between the bedroom and the throne room. Combat broke out.
The Goblins and Hobgoblins quickly formed ranks and attacked the party with the Emperor throwing in spells and fireball beads to support them. The party disabled most of them with some stinking cloud and other area effects. It was again a tough battle, and most of the PC’s went down, but were stabilized. Eventually it ended up with Archavold fighting the Emperor. The Emperor was out of anything else to use so he pulled out a Rod of Wonder and attempted to use that, but all it did was cause rain and an illusionary lightning bolt. Archavold then took down the Emperor.
The party healed up, handed over the section to the Goblin rebels, had a feast, and moved on to Section C.

Section C:
The party entered this area in the Top left. They quickly encountered a Cockatrice and made short work of it. Through exploring they stumbled upon a statue room, and found one of the statues was actually some sort of creature trying to hind among the statues. They tried to great it, but it just ran off and they never saw it again. Continuing to explore the came across a heavily bared door, which upon removing they found contained a Black Pudding of an immense size. They managed to defeat it, but Parker was dragged into it and killed before it finally went down. Unfortunately they had no means to raise him, so Parker became no more.
The party continued to explore why Jim wrote up a new character. They eventually stumbled onto the main chamber of this section that used to contain a very powerful demon. In it’s place was Jim’s new character <forgot name="true">, a Blackguard, that was fighting off the chains that go for anything evil around them. They helped him and were about to leave when they were stopped by an Umbra. It demanded payment to let them pass through this section, which they handed over, it then left without a further word.
The party was once more stopped from leaving by being interrupted by a Lantern Archon. It spoke to them of a battle that happened her long ago. When asked how to leave it informed the party that they would require a key. When asked where the key was it told them it was to the South East, but they would need to be marked as righteous in order to claim it. Archavold took the mark, finding out afterwards that it curses any evil that bear it.
They finally decided to search the room, and found a secret lock box in the floor. After springing a few traps they managed to get to the main lock, which even taking 20 on they found themselves unable to open. So they stacked it as much as they could. Boosting dexterity with spells, using a transformation spell to boost it to a form that takes it even higher, using enchanted tools, and assist bonuses. They managed to get up to an open lock of 55, which was what they required. Inside they found and ancient and powerful evil blade. Archavold quickly claimed it for himself.


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