Yet Another World's Largest Dungeon Crawl

Setting Out

Around 6pm
GM: Valcondrious
Golem playing Serendipity a Human Factorum/Archivist
Proff_Jimbles playing Parker McFell an Elf Figher/Ranger
Squid playing Archivor Droman a Human Spellthief/Focused Transmuter
Grimmnar playing Grimmnar The Swift a Human Barbarian/Rogue (First RPing game ever)

Part 1: The Assent and Decent

Group sets up at the table, introductions are made for the new player. Then we start off with some RPing to build up a bit of a back story for why the group has gotten together and is heading into a dungeon.

It is decided that Archivor is a prominant local figure, owning an estate in the hills before it gets too rough as it heads up to the Mountain. He has plans for dealing with everyone and is trying to climb in power before he attempts to make a name for himself by heading towards more populated areas.
Parker is his primary plan for dealing with most people. A loyal thug that likes to pulverise things with his twin light maces. He grew up in the area and enjoys working for Archivor as he gets paid to hit things.
Serendipity is a traveler who entered the region to escape some unknown fate as the Clerics of his region looked down on his worship of multiple gods. He quickly made a name for himself for outsmarting the locals and came to Archivor’s attention as someone he could use when it came to religious matters.
Grimmnar grew up closer to the Mountain, in the wild regions controlled by Goblins and Orcs. His local tribe wars with them in a very honest manner, that is that they kill and pillige each other without mercy or quarter. He’s out on his proving quest and decided to head towards more human settlements rather then just fighting more Orcs. He’s become fond of the mead of civilization, even if he looks down on their weak practices. Due to his aggressive nature of dealing with things, he’s quickly becoming another useful thug for Archivor.

Archivor has long considered the Wererat Sorcer Longtail his primary magical competition in the area. So when he hear rumours that Longtail was gathering a force of Goblins and Orcs to raid a cave to claim a powerful magical artifact, Archivor decided he’d try and beat Longtail to it.

Archivor convinced the other 3 to join him on what was meant to be a short journey and they headed up into the Mountains, soon following the trail of Longtails forces. They soon cross the peak of a valley to find the mouth of the cave, but before it the long dead body of a Titan lying in wait.

The searched the area, but besides the scattered papers of its journal they found nothing of value they could take as they decided the Chain Shirt it wore, plus it’s Battleaxe, were too big for them to transport anywhere. Serendipity tried to use Comprehend Languages to read the journal, but it’s writing were older then even that spell and he was unable to understand it. So instead he transcribe some of it to his personal papers to attempt to understand later.

After some discussion they decided to enter the cave and decend into its depths. Grimmnar was given the responsibility of holding the ever burning torch.

First Dungeon Experiences

The party entered the first area and checked both doors to see them both open into the black void. Archivor ordered Serendipity to cross the void and check it out, after some hesitation Serendipity did so. They found that they then couldn’t see or hear him. Serendipity found he couldn’t see or hear them.
The party discussed leaving Serendipity there, but in the end Archivors greed for the magical artifact helped him convince himself and the others to cross the threshold. The door closed soon afterwards and they found themselves trapped.

With his low light vision Parker noticed some figures hunched in the corner, this was soon confirmed when they coughed. Iargo, Archivor’s Owl Familiar, gave a hoot as if they were prey so the party approached. Upon seeing they were Orcs the party prepared itself for battle, but were suprised to find the Orcs already mostly beaten up.
Attempts to talk to them by Parker were met by bared fangs, given he was an Elf, and soon Archivor gave the order to kill them as he considered them simple lackeys of Longtail. The party wiped them out in the surprise round.

The party decided to explore one of the north doors and were hit by a flaming hands trap, after multiple attempts they finally disabled it, but not before taking some minor damage. During this time Parker had Searched the room and found a secret door. No traps on the outside were found, so when they opened it Parker just stepped right in to be shot at by poisined darts.
They soon disabled that trap, passing all Fort saves in the process, so they could explore the room and find that it was a rough room with a dead Angel in the centre. Serendipity moved in to read its death scrawl, and touched it in the process finding himself infused with some holy engergy (plus 1 Con & Wis).
The Angel on the floor crumbled to dust and the illusion around the wall collapsed to reveal what looked a record of the place, again in the ancient language. Serendipity took some time to transcribe it.

Mould’s a Killer

After the party finished in what is now called the Dead Angel room they headed through the now untrapped door. Here they found a room full of mouldy sacks in each of the corners. They decided to explore through them, which disturbed the black mould and released a could of spores. 3 of them failed their Fort saves and took some con damage. They then proceeded to burn the sacks with Alchemist fire, by which time they took the secondary fort save and 2 of them failed. Serendipity took a total of 2 points of Con Damage. Grimmnar and Archiver took a total of 3 points of Con Damage.

They then went through the next North door into a larger room filled with mouldy sacks and mouldy barrels. They carefully examined the area, and Parker found a gold ring amoung the barrels.

They found another door leading to another Southern room, and while attepting to get into it found they were shot at by Acid Arrows. After a couple failed attempts to disarm it the party just decides to run past it, only Grimmnar being hit for most of his remaining hit points.

In the next room they found a store room filed with weak rope, and rusty tools and nails. They find nothing of use, but Archivor finds a secret door opening up into the room where they burnt the mold.

They then check out the remaining North door and see all the dead bodies inside. Parker is the only one brave enough to check it out and all he finds is the other secret door leading into the burnt mold room.

First Real Fight

There is something to be said for first level combat. They might not have much hit points, but the fights still last a while as no one can hit each other.

So the group decides to go explore the top of the two Eastern doors in the main hallway. They’re able to open it without any trouble and inside they find a dead Orc with a broken spear nearby. They check his body and find it’s drainged of bood, and all fail their checks to figure out it was Darkmantles that did it. They do find a dimond worth 1,000gp though (thank your random treasure table), which Archivor gives to Serendipity as party of his payment for coming with them.

Serendipity then walks through the Northern door and spots the Fiendish Dark Mantle above his head, as well as the Fiendish rat in the other doorway. It then all goes black as the Dark Mantle actives his darkness ability. A combat ensures and everyone misses again and again, even the Dark Mantle who can see is having trouble. During this Serendipity and Archivor have run like cowards out of the darkness, Serendipity has cast light on his amulet, and eventually heads into the darkness where he wins a competing caster check so his light actually works in the darkness. The Dark Mantle still grabs onto Parker, doing damage and setting itself up to start draining him next turn, but with the help of the light the party is able to kill it before the turn ends.

The party by this stage is out of healing spells, low on health, but they decide to push on. In the next room they hear the sqeaks of a swarm of rats coming and force the door closed. Getting some Alchemist fire ready they open the door and peg it at the rats. It takes some damage, but moves into attack. Parker takes two swings, but misses wildly, Grimmnar steps up and with one mighty swing (rolling max damage) he finishes off the swarm leaving the remaining rats to scatter.

Archivor, unhurt and still with all his spells, says they should push on. However the rest of the party makes a stand (with a warning from the GM that he won’t hold back if they push on in such a weakend condition), that they head back to the Angel room to rest up. Even though two of them are evil, they still benefit from the healing effect of the room so they party heals up and 3 of them recover a point of constitution each.

Day 2 and the luck of the reckless

Upon waking the party sets off in the same direction as last time. Taking a right at the allway. They enter the larger corridor and find the dead Kobold skeleton in the centre, but don’t find anything of use. They enter the doors beyond it to find a largish room with a table, bed, and chairs around a pile of dirt in the centre of the room.

They take their time to do a solid search of the room, finding the gems stored in the bed leg. Archivor values them and then gives them to Grimmnar as payment. They also find a secret door leading south.

Archivor examins the door, and thinking it’s clear of traps attempts to open it. For his efforts he is hit by the blade trap which knocks him out. He’s healed up and after a RPing moment where he struggles to say thank you to Serendipity for the healing, they move into the room.

Inside they find makeshift tables and chairs around the place. A quick search reveals an old deck of cards, and a gold ring with perl inlay. Also because it’s on the obvious side of the secret door they find another one, leading to the only room off the main entrance room they hadn’t explored. Archivor tries to search it, but the smell of death and musk in the room forces him back. Parker is able to stand the smell, but a quick search doesn’t reveal anything.

Tight tunnels and lots of rats

The group then goes through the only door off the secret room they hadn’t opened and find a caved in area. Rather then going back to find a reasonable path they decide to squeeze through, Iargo hoping along behind because he can’t fly in here.

They then head right at the hallway they find and go on to find an open door leading to a large room. In the centre of the room is a large Censor, that while they determines is worth a decent bit of gold, is way too large to carry. They head for the other open door and Grimmnar reaching it first is hit by a colour spray and is knocked out. While Serendipity is coming to wake him up a swarm of rats shoots past doing damage to all members of the party besides Archivor.

Archivor then decides to just try and walk past the colour spray, confident in his Will save, but rolls a Natural 1 and also passes out. Serendipity at this stage at this point just walks past the door and makes his save, on the otherside he sets about disabling the trap so the others can pass through safely.

Inside they find a crushed golden goblet, which Archivor throws away saying it’s a waste of space to carry. They also easily spot the secret door given it’s being held closed by a series of spikes. Archivor tries, but fails to pull them out. Grimmnar then puts his back into it using a crowbar and easily dislodges them.

Once they get the door open they cross inside the room to find their noise has caused the rats inside the room to gather into another swarm. They quickly dispatch it, but before they get a chance to rest it is joined by another wave and this time 4 dire rats. They’re still able to bring them down without too much trouble, but once again they’re getting low on health and resources for the day.

Deciding to at least search the two sets of rooms the rats were in they find some coins and smokesticks. They also spot another secret door that has almost been knocked out of the wall due to it twisting in an Earthquake. Before they open it Serendipity notices the state of the wall and realises that if they did open it then a section of the wall could just collapse on them. Archivor uses a mend spell and they’re able to stabalise the wall enough to enter the room.

In next room they find a lot of skeletons hanging from the walls as well a more chained to a big spike in the centre of the room. Iargo refuses to enter, but Archivor grabs him and forces him into the room with them. They all attempt to search it, and in doing so touch the chains. Serendipity and Parker fail their Will saves and have visions of the people these skeleton used to be, being put through horrible pain over and over. They come out of it but are shaken from the experience for the rest of the day.

At this point I decided to call the session and let them all level up. They hadn’t quite explored enough to get past level one, but running a first level party annoys me with how squishy they are.


Valcondrious Valcondrious

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