Region A Rooms


Big square room, 2 doors leading into Dungeon. They seem to be protected by 1 way force walls.

Main Entrance Chamber

3 dead orcs. 2 doors that can’t be accessed, 4 leading off to normal rooms, 1 secret door leading to Angel Room.

Angel Room

Was a dead Angel in there, now just it’s dust. Trap at entrance, but room is otherwise safe and seems to help heal the party. History of the place in some forgotten language written on the walls.

1st Mouldy room

Was lots of mouldy sacks, but they’ve been burnt. 2 normal doors, 2 secret doors.

2nd Mouldy room

More mouldy sacks, but also barrels. Found gold ring. Acid Arrow trap. 2 doors.


Wet rope, rusty nails, rusty tools. 1 door, 1 secret door leading to 1st Mouldy room.

Slaughter room

Full of the dead bodies of Goblins and Trogladites. Stinks. 1 door, 1 secret door leading to 1st Mouldy room.

Dead Orc room

Dead Orc, large diamond found. 2 doors.

First Dark Mantle room

Small square room, first fight with a Dark Mantle.

Wide Hallway

Dead Kobold skeleton. No gear left. Double doors, single door.

Large bedroom?

Large room. Table with Kobold skull, Back Scratcher made from a lizardman thighbone. Bed. Stools around a pile of dirt. Double doors, secret door that leads to poker room.

Poker room

Lots of makeshift table and chairs scattered around. Found old deck of cards, plus gold ring with perl inlay. 1 door, 2 secret doors, 1 leads to Large bedroom, 1 leads to stinky grass room.

Stinky Grass Room

Room filled with lots of torn up grass mats. Blood spots on the foor. 1 door, 1 secret door.

Collapsed Room

Lots of rocks, forcing people to slowly squeeze through. 2 door.

Censcer Room

Large Censer in centre of room. To heavy to carry despite value. 2 doors, 1 traped with Colour Spray.

Rubish room

Discarded crushed gold goblet. 1 door, 1 secret door that leads to double rat room.

Double room of rats

Two rooms, big opened door. First Dire rat spotting. 1 door, 2 secret doors. One wall that needed mending so it didn’t collapse.

Chained Skeleton room.

Very large room. Lots of skeletons hanging from the walls by chains. More skeletons on the ground chained to central spike in the floor. Touching them shows visions of the captives being horrible tormented. Animals don’t want to enter.


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