Descent into the Dungeon

After purchasing the book several years ago, I have been looking to find a group of friends crazy enough to join in a game of D&D to start and attempt to finish the World’s Largest Dungeon.

It took much pestering, and convincing, but I finally have 4 souls brave enough to make the journey.

Promises of fun

To get them to join in I had to promise there would be a decent attempt at roleplaying through the plots presented in the dungeon. I agreed this is possible, but with 4 members they might struggle combat wise if they wish to focus on the RP aspect.

To counter this we’ve agreed that they’ll be playing fairly powerful characters to start with and we’ll see how it goes. If they prove too powerful for the dungeon then I can just scale up the encounters without too much difficulty, I’m used to running high powered games and making them challenging.


So to keep in line with the slightly higher powered characters they players will be making Gestalt characters. For those who don’t know what this is, it means that when they level they get to choose two classes and take the best bits from both of them. While this means they have double the class abilities and options in play, it doesn’t actually double their power, as they’re still limited to the same amount of actions per turn.

Characters will also be built on 46 points. This is to compensate for the fact that Gestalt characters are more MAD then even Monk’s. That and after the first few levels, attribute bonus doesn’t have much of an effect on game play.

Leveling will be done in a mix of ways. Primarily it’ll be done by how much of the dungeon they have explored, taking into account that the book recommends leveling twice per section. If however they deal with the major plot of an area, but haven’t really explored it, before moving on then they can get their level from the section from that.


GM: Valcondrious

Yet Another World's Largest Dungeon Crawl

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